Announcement of 2021 Officers
By Past Chief Michael Clark Jr.
December 31, 2020

Congratulations to the newly elected and appointed officers of 2021:

Chief: Timmy Clark
Assistant Chief: Brian Thrasher
Deputy Chief of Fire: Wayne Ward, Jr.
Deputy Chief of EMS: Chuck Threlfall
Safety Officer: Mike Montgomery, Sr.
Safety Officer: Mikey Clark
Fire Captain: Bert Small
EMS Captain: Ben Jeffery
Squad Lieutenant: Mike Eversole
Fire Lieutenant: Mike Threlfall
EMS Lieutenant: Gina Threlfall
Squad Sergeant: Ryan Wilson
Fire Sergeant: John Threlfall
EMS Sergeant: Luke Stevens
Chief Engineer: John Mattera
Asst. Engineer: Joe Watson

President: Mike Hardesty
Vice President: Sara Jordan
Treasurer: Jeff Burroughs
Secretary: Chrissie Carson
Board of Directors: Mike Montgomery, Sr., Larry Patin, Clinton Cox, Charlie Hanko, Mike Wells, Mike Gaylor, Jason Jones